Ultimate Superbikes: 13 Most Expensive Road Bikes of The World

“You’re probably nuts for spending so much on a road bike.” – is a comment we’re certain you’ve heard more often than you’d like; especially when the topic of expensive road bikes arises.

But as a true road bike lover, only you can understand money spent on a precious steed (irrespective of the exorbitant price tag) is always well spent and worth it.

After all, all biking enthusiasts aspire to enjoy a faster, lighter, slicker, and smoother drive. But sadly, most of us hit the ceiling when it comes to what our pockets and paychecks actually allow.

For the sake of wishful thinking, what road bike would you buy if money wasn’t an issue? Would you choose a top-of-the-range production road bike available in the market right now, or a hand-built bespoke bike designed just for you?

If you like yourself some bling, a fully gold-plated ride can also be on the table. Frankly, when money isn’t a problem, the sky’s the limit for the most expensive road bikes!

If you’re looking to escape into a world of outrageously lavish road bikes, read on as in this post we’ve rounded up 13 of the most expensive road bikes in the world.

Did You Know?

The world’s lightest road bike – Trek Émonda SLR 9 – is relatively a bargain at just $11,999. Especially, when you match it to the infamous Damien Hirst Trek Madone which has a whopping price tag of $500,000!

13 Most Expensive Road Bikes in The World

Below we have shared the price, specifications, and brands of some of the most expensive road bikes of all time, including prevalent models that you can easily snap up:

1. 24K Gold Extreme Bike

most expensive road bike
24K Gold Extreme Bike
Price$1 million
BrandThe House of Solid Gold
Country United States
Launched 2014
Made InU.S.A.
Specifications24K Gold, 600 Black Diamonds, 500 Golden Sapphires

Launched and designed by Hugh Power, the 24K Gold Extreme is the world’s most expensive road bike in the market with an incredulous price tag of one million dollars!

Popularly known as the “fat bike” or “Beverly Hills Edition”, this bike has a framework made up of 24k pure gold.

Frankly, this road bike is less of a vehicle and more of an art. But gold isn’t the only thing making this bike so luxurious; every part of the bicycle is electroplated and certified, and several high-tech features are incorporated in the body.

Roughly, 600 black diamond embellishments, 500 golden sapphires, chocolate brown leather seats made of alligator skin, a gold-plated water bottle, and customized logos are a few of the artistic elements that add on to the design’s extravagance. There were only thirteen 24K Gold Extreme bikes in the market – each piece bespoke. 

2. Trek Butterfly Madone

most expensive road bikes
Trek Butterfly Madone
BrandDamien Hirst
Country United States
Launched 2009
Made InFrance
SpecificationsBike’s concrete rim and frame are adorned with real butterfly wings

Imagine a bike that can literally give wings! Sounds too good to be true? Well, with the Trek Butterfly Madone, it is not.

In fact, with Trek Butterfly Madone, you will get just that. The road bike was launched in 2009 when Lance Armstrong (a famous figure among road bike riders) used it for the Tour de France race.

Despite all these years, this road bike still remains one of the most expensive bikes in the world, even in 2021.

The bike was priced at $500,000, and the proceeds collected were donated to a Sotheby’s cancer benefit program.

Taking the name quite literally, this quirky bike by Damien Hirst sparked severe controversy among animal welfare groups, such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for using real butterfly wings in the design.

They termed it as a horrific act of barbarity. The bike’s creator, Mr. Hirst, placed butterfly wings on the bike’s concrete rim and solid frame.

Other than its eccentric design, the bike also boasts of few eminent riders including Lance Armstrong.

The Trek Butterfly Madone is aesthetically pleasing, and decorated in purple and pink patterns.

3. Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept

Most Expensive Road Bikes of The World
Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept
BrandTrek Bicycle
Country United States
Launched 2008
SpecificationsBoasts a cartoon theme of kids wearing boxing gloves, flying UFO doodles, and a Livestrong logo

The Trek Yoshimoto Nara bike has an eccentric and fun design with its yellow and bright blue framework and uniquely creative illustrations.

The bike boasts cartoony doodles of children wearing boxing gloves, flying UFOs as well as a Livestrong logo. A closer look at the bike reveals how it’s so much more than just a pretty vehicle.

The bike entails numerous advanced functionalities and features that allow bikers to maneuver through narrow spaces and take sudden turns while also sustaining balance.

Like Trek Butterfly Madone, the Yoshitomo Nara was also used by Lance Armstrong in the 18th stage of a Tour de France race.

The bike raised around $200,000 in an auction, and all the profits were donated to prominent organizations.

4. Kaws – Trek Madone

Expensive Road Bikes of The World
Trek Madone Road Bike
BrandTrek Bicycle
Country United States
Launched 2008
SpecificationsBoasts Kaw’s trademark “chomper” teeth design on wheel rims and frame

The Kaws road bike introduced by Trek Madone is what we call the perfect unification of comfort, style, and elegance.

The Kaws – Trek Madone bike was endorsed and designed by Lance Armstrong himself! Apart from being a visual stunner, this bike also entails numerous advanced functionalities and technically superior features which extend an added oomph to the overall design.

For example, the bike comes with the signature “chomper” teeth-like design on the front of the body as well as on the wheel rims – a trademark that exclusively says Kaws.

In addition to this, the excellent aerodynamic design offers unparalleled balance. The ergonomic handlebars and seats are almost effortless to control, plus the bike is super lightweight and thus extremely flexible for riders.

5. Auramania Gold Bike Crystal Edition

most expensive road bike
Auramania Gold Bike Crystal Edition
Country Austria
Launched 2008
Made InFrench Company Auramania
SpecificationsHand-built with 24K gold plating and embellished with Swarovski crystals

Auramania, a French road bike manufacturer, came up with this sparkly limited-edition gold bike beauty with a price tag of $114,000.

One look, and you’ll be enthralled by its vintage feel and lavish touch. The bike’s framework is lightweight, super sleek, and gold-plated.

With its minimalistic yet elegant design, this bike belongs more to a museum than on a road. There’s no denying that this beauty is fit to be exhibited in a glass case.

The Auramania crystal edition bike has precious Swarovski diamonds and stones encrusted in the frame.

Moreover, the bike is handmade with custom-made leather seats and ergonomic handlebars.

Believe us, this is no ordinary luxury bike. It’s so subtle yet extravagant – the beauty of which only a true connoisseur can appreciate.

6. Trek Madone 7 – Diamond

most expensive road bikes
Trek Madone 7 Diamond
BrandTrek Bicycle
Country United States
Launched 2005
Made InNew York
SpecificationsEmbellished with stunning diamonds in spoke pattern

By now you must have already realized that Trek Madone is a huge name in the road bike industry, loved by bike enthusiasts and adventurers all over the planet.

The Trek Madone 7 exudes a professional appearance and is equipped with a set of incredibly cool features that will definitely give you the ride of your life.

Additionally, the bike was first auctioned at the Lance Armstrong Foundation Gala, where it succeeded to raise around $75,000!

True to its name, the Trek Madone 7 – Diamond bike is made up of a carbon-fiber framework and valuable stones.

In fact, the diamonds are implanted in the spokes of the bike body. There’s also a yellow and white gold plate placed in the bike frame’s front section, taking the glamour and glitz of the vehicle to a new level.

7. Chrome Hearts x Cervelo

List of Expensive Road Bikes
Chrome Hearts x Cervelo
Country Canada
Launched 2010
Made InU.S.A.
SpecificationsChrome Hearts motif plugs, a silver cross, leather seat, and exquisite artwork finish

Chrome Hearts collaborated with Cervelo to build this limited edition luxury road bike.

The bike’s frame showcases patented and exclusive Chrome Hearts designs – from jewel-encrusted patterns, rhinestones to cute heart designs, with this bike you get it all.

In addition, the carbon black color gives the bike a goth-like feel and can be mistaken for a motorbike. The bike is highlighted by a silver cross, Chrome Hearts motif plugs, a leather seat, and exquisite artwork finish.

Of course, the bike costs tons and is affordable only to super-rich fitness lovers and bike collectors.

But if you ask us, this road bike is worth the lavish price, especially due to its incredible design and workhorse efficiency.

8. Montante Luxury Gold Bike

Montante Luxury Gold Bike
Montante Luxury Gold Bike
BrandMontante Luxury Gold
SpecificationsStunning leather saddle, traditional dynamo, and cutting-edge road brakes

Geared especially towards female riders, this road bike offers an impressive design including traditional dynamo, a leather saddle, cutting-edge road brakes, and hand-sewn python leather grips.

The stunning style and exclusive features come at a luxurious price tag of $46,000.

9. Aston Martin Limited Edition One – 77

13 Most Expensive Road Bikes
Aston Martin Limited Edition One
BrandFactor Bikes
Launched 2013
Made InUnited Kingdom
SpecificationsAdvanced computer system, carbon fiber frame and wheelset, top-notch sensors, crack position sensor, track speed, speed sensor, GPS and heart rate sensors

The globally famed sports car manufacturer, Aston Martin, has joined hands with Factor Bikes to build the limited-edition One-77 Factor Cycle – a solid candidate for the most expensive bike in its respective category.

The bike is particularly geared towards elite bike collectors and enthusiasts with a price tag of $39,000.

The frame of the bike is stylish, sleek, and incredibly chic. Equipped with advanced technologies and high-tech features, the Aston Martin One -77 model encompasses a carbon fiber construction, powerful aerodynamic support, and useful sensory features.

This multipurpose vehicle is a joy to ride with added features, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity to keep you entertained throughout the trail.

10. Bicyclette de Luxe by Phanuel Krencher

Expensive Road Bikes of The World
Bicyclette de Luxe by Phanuel Krencher
Brandby Phanuel Krencher’s “Bicyclette de Luxe”
SpecificationsA custom-built frame by Cyfac and top-notch parts

Apart from chrome and carbon fiber, this road bike features custom body parts and a frame especially designed (and built) by Cyfac.

The bike exudes a shiny, sleek, and reflective look, owing to the chrome paint and mirror-polished body parts.

The front disc brakes and rear have made this bike a prime example of outstanding parts and creative design.

11. Beru Factor 001

Expensive Road Bikes of The World
Beru Factor 001
BrandFactor Bikes
Launched 2016
Made InUnited Kingdom
SpecificationsCarbon ceramic brakes, carbon fiber monocoque

Popularly known as the pinnacle of road bikes, Beru Factor 001 is every rider’s dream come true. Created by BERU F1 System – a British Formula 1 manufacturer – this widely loved bike is priced at $30,000.

Please note that only a hundred units of this vehicle are available in the market. Special features include a carbon fiber monocoque that adjusts effortlessly with each rider’s physical’s demands.

Moreover, it is super lightweight and has super sturdy 8-spoke wheels. The bike is adorned with multiple channel econometric data recording systems as well as an LCD touch screen that displays accurate biometrics and other essential readings.

12. Lamborghini x Cervelo P5x Edition Bike

Lamborghini x Cervelo P5x Edition Bike
Lamborghini x Cervelo P5x Edition Bike
BrandCervelo, Lamborghini
Launched 2018
SpecificationsCarbon fiber built

Well-known for its expensive cars, Lamborghini entered the road bike scene by collaborating with Cervelo to create this new and path-breaking P5X model.

If you wish to get your hands on this bike, bear in mind that there were only 25 exclusive P5X road bikes manufactured in total and available in the market.

Sturdy, minimalistic, compact, and ergonomic – these are a few of the several adjectives that rush to our mind when we first laid our eyes on this fabulous vehicle.

The Lamborghini x Cervelo P5x offers flexibility, aerodynamic storage, and a seamless aero movement, enabling riders to maintain balance even during high speeds.

Donning a Y-shaped frame in the color yellow and black, this vehicle looks like a tiny bike version of Bumblebee!

13. Pinarello Dogma F12 Disk

Most Expensive Road Bikes of The World
Pinarello Dogma F12 Disk
Launched 2017
Made InItaly
SpecificationsCarbon fiber built

With the psychological barriers present in the bike industry truly being smashed in the past couple of years, brands such as Pinarello have taken off into the financial stratosphere with their super-advanced body frames and cutting-edge electronic shifting, for instance, the SRAM’s Red eTap AXS 12-speed groupset.

Pinarello Dogma F12 Disk manufacturers reveal that the latest model features the optimal blend of comfort, responsiveness, handling, and aerodynamics, making it the best choice for any rider on any trail.

Moreover, this road bike also comes in two distinct versions for disc brakes and rims.

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Who would have thought that road bikes could be so expensive, right? Let us give you a short summary of what the most expensive road bikes of the world are:

RankRoad BikeCreatorWeightMaterialYearPrice
124K Gold Extreme BikeThe House of Solid Gold24 kgDiamonds, gold2014$1 million
2Trek Butterfly MadoneDamien Hirst/Trek Bikes7.5kgCarbon fiber, butterflies2009$500,000
3Trek Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept Yoshitomo Nara/Trek Bikes Carbon fiber2008$200,000
4Kaws – Trek MadoneTrek Bikes9kgCarbon fiber2009$160,000
5Auramania Gold Bike Crystal EditionAuramania Diamonds, gold2008$114,000
6Trek Madone 7 – DiamondTrek Bikes, Lenny Futura, 7Nike и Alan Friedman8.5kgDiamonds, gold and carbon fiber2005$75,000
7Chrome Hearts x CerveloChrome Hearts & Cervelo10.5kgDiamonds and carbon fiber2010$60,000
8Montante Luxury Gold BikeMontante Luxury Gold Carbon fiber $46,000
9Aston Martin Limited Edition One – 77Factor Cycle, Aston Martin9.5kgCarbon fiber2011$39,000
10Bicyclette de Luxe by Phanuel KrencherCyfac, Phanuel Krencher Carbon fiber $34,425
11Beru Factor 001BERU F1 System7kgCarbon fiber201630,000
12Lamborghini x Cervelo P5x Edition BikeLamborghini, Cervelo8kgCarbon fiber2018$20,000
13Pinarello Dogma F12 DiskPinarello Carbon fiber2017$14,000

We hope this laidback post on the most expensive road bike was fun for you. In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, so that we can get back to you right away. And if there is more to add!

Hopefully, this post provides you with the knowledge and guidance you need to get the road bike of your dreams. We wish you all the luck for an incredible bike-hunting journey!