Are Mountain Bike Tires Tubeless?

Are Mountain Bike Tires Tubeless

Riding a mountain bike can be an incredible experience. Not only can you ride into the mountains, hills, and valleys and experience all the different terrain that nature has to offer, but you get in a lot of good exercise, and fresh air, and you can forget all about your worries for a while. If …

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12 Most Expensive Mountain Bike In The World

Most Expensive Mountain Bike In The World

It’s no breaking news that mountain bikes are taking the world by storm, releasing new models, and offering spectacular features to bike enthusiasts. Every year, it’s not only the production and public interest increasing. But you can observe the dollar values boosting day by day. In fact, the price range of mountain bikes crossed well …

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How to Change Oil in Mountain Bike Fork | Mountain Bike Fork Oil Change

How to Change Oil in Mountain Bike Fork

Your mountain bike’s fork oil is the life of its suspension. But how does one get the best of a mountain bike fork without dampening the milliliters? Hidden deep inside the recesses of your mountain bike’s suspension system, fork oil is an underappreciated yet powerful fluid dynamic that directly influences your bike riding experience. Like …

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How Do You Clean Sand Off a Mountain Bike? [7 Simple Steps]

How Do You Clean Sand Off a Mountain Bike

Have you got a mountain bike that you love riding in hilly places, off-road trails, and cross country paths? As exhilarating and fun as riding your mountain bike can be, it is also an extremely messy activity. Riding on muddy roads and through vegetation or rocky areas means you end up with lots of sand, …

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Can You Ride a Mountain Bike While Being Pregnant?

Can you ride a mountain bike while pregnant

Mountain biking is an extreme sport that is not safe for novice riders. Riders with years of experience are also at the risk of falling or crashing due to the high speed and rugged landscapes. For a safe mountain biking trip, good balance is critical. Improper balance or uneven body weight distribution can cause a …

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How Do Mountain Bike Clipless Pedals Work?

How Do Mountain Bike Clipless Pedals Work

The decision to switch to clipless pedals may bring with it certain doubts like any new experience, but once you use them, you won’t want to go back. If you’re one of those enthusiasts who want to get the most out of each pedal stroke, switching to clipless pedals will be your best decision. But …

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How to Climb Rocks on a Mountain Bike

How to Climb Rocks on a Mountain Bike

Riding your mountain bike over technical terrain with crevices and logs can be challenging even for the most experienced riders. However, getting it to climb rocks can be even harder. If you’re a mountain rider who has been struggling to climb rocks on a mountain bike, then you’ve come to the right place. This article …

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Can a Mountain Bike Fit in to a Car or SUV?

Can I Fit a Mountain Bike in My Car

Mountain biking culture has caught many people’s interest around the world. With hundreds of companies manufacturing mountain bikes and countries investing in adventurous biking trails, the mountain biking community keeps on growing. Mountain biking is essentially an American tradition. With California being its birthing place research shows that almost 50 million Americans ride mountain bikes annually. …

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How to Adjust Front Shocks on a Mountain Bike?

How to Adjust Front Shocks on a Mountain Bike

You have made an excellent choice by purchasing a full-suspension mountain bike, but to achieve the best performance level with it, you will need to fine-tune its suspension and shock components. With your full-suspension bike, you’ll navigate technical terrain more easily, with less effort, and have better traction on hard or soft surfaces than with …

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Should I Mountain Bike Alone?

Should I Mountain Bike Alone

Want to ride through a beautiful landscape without the disturbances of other people talking? Or maybe finding the right mountain biking partner is too hard? Going on a solo mountain bike ride can be both incredible and dangerous at the same time. If you are wondering “Should I mountain bike alone?” just remember that while …

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