Electric Bike Vs. Hybrid Bike – Which One Should You Choose?

Many people wonder, “Electric bike vs. hybrid bike – which is better?” If you are also finding it hard to choose between the two options, you’ve come to the right place.

Electric bikes are an excellent means of transport for people who tend to travel a lot in cities within the USA. The pedaling support prevents you from tiring yourself by pedaling continuously from one place to another.

Electric bikes also allow you to reach higher speeds effortlessly, allowing you to arrive at your destination on time, even in tough situations.

On the other hand, hybrid bikes offer an overall comfortable ride while also improving your health. A hybrid is great for riding through various types of terrains, making it great for those of you who want to ride offroad and in the city.

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Electric Bike Vs. Hybrid
Electric Bike Vs. Hybrid

Like with all things, hybrid bikes and electric bikes have their own pros and cons. Thus, there’s a lot that goes into finding the right bike that suits your needs.

This guide will discuss electric and hybrid bikes’ characteristics and how each one can benefit you. This way, you can ensure that you don’t spend money on a bike that doesn’t provide you with what you need.

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Electric Bike Vs. Hybrid Bike

Purchasing a bike is no small investment, and it can be challenging to decide when there are many options and factors to consider.

To help you make this process easier and, consequently, make a more sound decision, here’s what you need to know.

Let’s dive in!

1# Appearance and Aesthetics

The appearance and aesthetic of a bike will depend on the brand and the model. There are multiple variations of electric bikes and hybrid bikes in the market to suit the rider’s comfort and aesthetic needs.

That said, there are some specific characteristics that are common among all types of hybrid bikes.

Handlebars on Electric Bikes and Hybrid Bikes

A hybrid bike gets its name from being a hybrid between a mountain bike and a road bike. Like mountain bikes, hybrid bikes have flat handlebars.

Road bikes, on the other hand, have a drop bar. The flat handlebar can allow you to sit in a more upright position as you ride through busy cities in the United Kingdom or otherwise. This position can feel quite comfortable for many different types of users.

Thus, you can travel long distances without experiencing aches in your body. In addition to that, it is potentially safer to ride in heavy traffic, as it offers you better control and slower speeds.

Electric bikes, however, are not limited to a specific type of handlebar. You can find electric mountain bikes, electric road bikes, and even electric hybrid bikes. Thus, the appearance varies depending on the bike type and the kind of riding you expect to do on it.

Seats on the Bikes

Typically, a hybrid bike has a wide seat. Therefore, it can offer great comfort for long commutes on the road or less-than-perfect roads.

As mentioned above, electric bikes come in different variations, and some can have wide or narrow seats. If you’re looking for a hybrid electric bike, it will have a similar seat style.

2# Riding Experience

As a cross between a road and a mountain bike, a hybrid bike provides a comfortable riding experience on asphalt and dirt roads. Its overall excellent riding experience is one of the reasons why many people use hybrid bikes to commute.

Hybrid bikes have flat handlebars, which provide superior steering control at all speeds. The upright sitting position also offers fantastic visibility, making it a great option for riding through any time of the day as well.

The breaking and shifting components on a hybrid bike are also very similar to those on a mountain bike. Therefore, it generally has wide gear ranges, which can make the riding experience more comfortable overall.

In addition to that, hybrid bikes have wide tires and a heavy frame, which helps with maintaining stability and comfort when traversing at higher speeds.

Typically, an electric bike provides a more comfortable riding experience because of the riding support from the motor. The motor power is also especially handy when you need to carry significant weight while riding.

Therefore, going grocery shopping and riding back with your things on an electric bike won’t put additional strain on your knees or leave you breathless.

Make sure to purchase a bike with a large storage basket if you plan on carrying things on it often.

3# Cost of Purchasing Each Type of Bike

There’s no doubt that most electric bikes are more expensive than regular hybrid bikes. This is because electric bikes have motors installed on the bike’s frame. The motor helps with pedaling power, making it more comfortable to use in the long term.

Electric bikes also require a battery to operate the motor at all times. Therefore, the battery itself also drives the price up for an electric bike. In addition to that, you will also have to charge the battery every day or every alternate day, depending on the distance you travel in a day and how much cycling you do.

Thus, you will have to factor in the energy costs of consistently charging the battery. Some users also purchase an additional battery pack when they expect to cover more distance than one battery can provide in a single charge. So, that adds to the overall cost of purchasing an electric bike as well.

Some electric bikes also have additional features like LED screens on the bike’s handlebars. This screen provides the user with important details, such as the distance traveled, battery percentage, and so on.

The LED display units also allow you to switch between different pedal-assist levels and cycling modes without taking your hands off the handlebars. You also won’t need to take your eyes off the road or stop to make a change in your settings.

Therefore, features like screens are typically absent on a hybrid bike, which helps keep its cost lower than electric bikes. Thus, in a nutshell, hybrid bikes are a more affordable option for traveling in urban or rural landscapes.

If electric bikes cost more than hybrid bikes, why do so many people purchase them? Well, when considering the prices ofan electric bike or a hybrid bike, you must look at what provides you with better value for money.

For example, if you are an elderly citizen or have knee problems, an electric bike is in your best interest. This is because it’s motor either makes the pedaling easier or eliminates the need to use them all together.

In that case, the additional cost of an electric bike is worth it, as it allows you to reach your destination comfortably.

If you’re planning to purchase an electric bike, it’s important to remember that the brand and the features of a specific electric bike model dictate the price. Therefore, here’s an essential feature that you must keep in mind.

The Cost of Different Pedaling Mechanisms on Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have two types of pedaling mechanisms. These include pedal-assist and power-on-demand.

A pedal-assist system (PAS) eases the resistance while pedaling. Therefore, you’ll be using both the electric motor’s power and your own to cover distances.

The motor will also only engage when you begin pedaling. Thus, with its support, you can travel long distances without getting tired or requiring excellent stamina.

A PAS bike is typically more affordable than an electric bike with a power-on-demand system. This is because it does not have as many features as a power-on-demand system. A power-on-demand system offers more flexibility, allowing you to use it in three ways.

The first way is to ride the bike without engaging the motor. Therefore, if you want to ride your bike like a regular one, you can switch the motor and conserve energy for later.

Second, you can ride the bike using both the motor’s power and your own pedaling power, like a PAS bike. Thus, combining both foot power and motor power, the charge levels on the battery can last much longer than traveling on motor power alone. This feature is perfect when you have to travel more distance than a single charge provides with throttling power.

The last way that you can use the power-on-demand system is by using it on a manual throttle mode. Therefore, this allows you to use it as an electric motorcycle, operating the motor and the speed of the bike on the handlebars.

With this feature, you can ride your bike without engaging the pedals at all. If the power runs out while you’re riding it, you can switch to pedaling power and ride it like a regular bike.

As the power-on-demand is a more sophisticated technology than PAS, it is a more expensive option. It will also be significantly more expensive than a hybrid bike.

4# Maintenance and Repairs

For the most part, electric bikes and hybrid bikes have the same parts and components. You will need to maintain all of the mechanical parts, such as the brakes, wheels, chains, and so on, regularly to ensure that your bike runs smoothly.

That said, electric bikes have some additional parts like the motor, battery pack, display unit, etc., so you may have to spend more on maintaining those parts as well.

You won’t have to spend much money on repairs for either type of bike in the initial year or two of your purchase. Most bikes come with a warranty policy that includes repair work.

5# Exercise Factor 

There is no doubt that cycling is an excellent exercise, whether you do it for an extensive or short amount of time. It is an excellent cardio workout and engages your leg muscles and core, allowing you to develop a healthier body over time.

However, many people consider these health benefits nonexistent when riding electric bikes. This perception is untrue.

While electric bikes do use a motor to power them, you have complete control over it. That is to say that you can determine how much support you want from the power output of the electric bike’s motor.

In the case of a power-on-demand system, you can adjust the power output to maximum, allowing you to ride it using the throttle. In that case, you won’t be working out your body.

However, the multiple cycling modes and pedal-assist levels can still enable you to get the exercise you need from your e-bike.

It is, therefore, safe to say that both electric bikes and hybrid bikes allow for an excellent workout. The major difference between the two types of bikes is that electric bikes provide more customizability with your workout.

You have the choice to determine if you have to exert more force or less force and for how long. You can adjust the settings on the display unit on the bike.

The display unit is handy for workout purposes, especially for those of you who like to calculate your progress.

Typically, the display units on electric bikes come with in-built odometers and speedometers. Therefore, it showcases various parameters on the screen that you can use to customize and tailor your daily cycling workout to reach your fitness goals.

You can track the distance you covered each day and the average speed during each session.

While all these features are useful, you can always use your electric bike as a regular hybrid bike. Therefore, you can turn off the motor support during some parts of your travel to make the most of your workout.

Thus, on the whole, you won’t lose any exercising benefits by opting for an electric bike instead of a hybrid bike.

That is not to say that a hybrid bike is an inferior option. One of the biggest advantages of a hybrid bike is that you can use it on different terrains, so you can workout anywhere without needing to get onto a specific track or road.

You can ride on rougher terrain and uphill to increase the effectiveness of your workout. The wide gear ranges on a hybrid bike also help with climbing hills with ease and comfort.

Thus, a hybrid bike offers you a good exercising option at a more affordable price but without the neat features of electric bikes.

6# Range and Speed

It’s important to note that hybrid bikes do not specialize in any specific terrain. A good way to explain it is that it is the jack of all trades and a master of none. Thus, you will not be able to reach high speeds on a hybrid bike on roads or mountainous terrain.

Furthermore, its upright sitting design doesn’t provide optimal aerodynamics for maximizing your speed on asphalt.

While you can ride a hybrid bike on offroad terrain, it does not manage great traction, stability, and control on very rough surfaces. Typically, it also does not traverse through all kinds of rough, offroad surfaces as effectively as mountainous bikes do.

Therefore, a hybrid bike won’t offer excellent speed on these types of surfaces either.

The situation for electric bikes is a little different. If you have an electric hybrid bike, you will be able to travel at just slightly greater speeds than a regular hybrid bike. This is because the motor on the electric bike will provide you with additional power to reach greater speeds faster and maintain them as well.

However, you cannot push the bike’s speed too much because even an electric hybrid bike can lose traction at high speeds and cause you to fall.

If you are looking for speed on a specific terrain, then you should get a bike that’s best suited for that purpose. An electric version of that bike type will simply provide you with a bit of extra boost. The speed range on an electric bike also varies from one model to the other.

The amount of distance you can travel by a hybrid bike will ultimately depend on how much stamina and strength you have. This is because you will have to pedal all of the distance without any kind of external support.

In the case of an electric bike, you can travel longer distances than a hybrid bike as it allows you to use the motor to reduce the resistance on the pedals. The less force you exert, the more stamina and energy you will conserve.

Furthermore, you can also completely rely on motor power and switch it off when you reach a comfortable cruising speed to save battery.

The mileage you can get from your electric bike will depend on the battery capacity of your electric bike. For more range, get a bigger battery.

Electric Bike Vs Hybrid bike
Electric Bike Vs Hybrid bike

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To decide the winner of the ‘electric bike vs. hybrid bike‘ debate, make a list of what you need from your bike, and select a bike that provides you with those features. Also, regardless of what country you’re in, you should first look up the legal requirements for riding an electric bike. There are some regulations that you must follow, so knowing those before your purchase is in your best interest.

Users in the US can take a look at some of these government regulations for more information. With that said, this guide should provide you with all you need to know to make an informed decision and get the most out of your bike. Happy bike hunting!