Fastest Electric Bike in the World

Bicycles have been around for the longest time. They’re a great way for people to get around and navigate their way around the city they live in. They’re not the most efficient method of transport, and they require a fair amount of effort. On the flip side, they are environmentally friendly and a fitting option for someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend.

Bicycles have evolved a great deal since their inception. Now, you can find bicycles that don’t require you to put as much effort in. Manufacturers have mechanized the normal bike model to include electric components that make bikes so much more convenient as a method of transport. They’re quicker than walking, and they require less effort than walking too.

Manufacturers have designed this new vehicle keeping in mind the conversations that many people are raising regarding cars and their contribution to humanity’s carbon footprint.

However, among some very real concerns of environmental degradation, customers also have other concerns with e-bikes. One of the main reasons that people don’t opt for electric bikes is that these bikes don’t meet the speed requirement for many people.

If you’re very concerned with speed, you’re probably thinking to yourself, what is the fastest electric bike in the world? Many factors go into deciding matters of speed. What’s fast in one arena may not be fast in another.

Fastest Electric Bike in World
An Electric Bike

So, there are many questions you need to ask before you opt for buying the fastest electric bike in the world.

What Is an Electric Bike?

Simply put, an electric bike is a bicycle with electric components, like motors, batteries, and controls. A cyclist can travel longer distances in shorter periods due to the extra help that the components mentioned above provide.

An electric bike has different modes that enable more function out of the familiar design of a bicycle.

It is an environmentally friendly alternative for getting around the city. It is cost-effective and time-efficient, and many people are opting for electric bikes now due to this reason.

With electric bike kiosks popping up in all major cities, it’s no wonder that people are thinking about buying one for them.

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What Is the Speed of a Regular Bicycle?

The speed of a regular bicycle is a measure of how much distance it can travel over a while. The speed is dependent on several factors, the bike itself, how many gears it has, the type of road the cyclist is traveling on, the physical abilities of the cyclist, and the style of the bike.

They are also physical properties, like aerodynamics, that change the way the bicycle reacts. A regular bicycle doesn’t have any components apart from gears that help it with its speed. Even gears are components that aren’t available everywhere.

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What Is the Speed Limit of an Electric Bike?

The speed limit of an electric bike is different in different countries. In most states in the US, the speed limit for an electric bike is 20 mph. Going beyond this speed limit will get you stopped and dealt with a ticket.

Bikers in America mostly stick to bikes that toe this fine line between legal and illegal. However, that also leads to many people opting for faster options in this country like a moped or moto-bike.

The speed of an electric bike depends on the motor that the manufacturers use in that bike. The motor is present to provide power to the electric bike so it can function at a particular speed. The motor’s wattage decides the power and thus the speed at which the bike can travel.

Manufacturers use motors of different wattages ranging from 250w-1000w. The greater the wattage, the greater speed will the bike be able to travel at.

The most common wattage for motors of these electric bikes is 750w. However, some manufacturers use upwards of 750w as it comes with greater speed and many other advantages that amplify the experience of riding a bike.

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Why Would You Want the Fastest Electric Bike in the World?

There are many advantages to having the fastest electric bike in the world. However, this speed brings legal complications. You need to be aware of different speed restrictions when you own the fastest bike in the world.

Some legal complexity is present here because children and teenagers don’t necessarily need licenses to use an electric bike. If the government was to make these electric bikes legal, young children and teenagers who don’t know anything about traffic rules would drive these bikes on the road and get into terrible accidents.

Still, this legal complication shouldn’t deter you from getting the fastest electric bike in the world; the definition of ‘fastest’ could be very different for each commuter.

Speed is a quantity of measurement that we can establish in very general terms, and the fastest electric bike in the world could mean different things for different people.

Why would you want the fastest electric bike in the world? Well, firstly, these bikes are quick. You could travel from one place to another very quickly. You also have to take into account the logistics of bike riding compared to other modes of transport.

Bikes enable you to weave in and out of traffic, and thus, you’re likely to get to places on time and quicker than on any other mode of transport.

Additionally, many adrenaline junkies love going fast. The world’s fastest electric bike would be another high for them to experience.

There’s also the feeling of pride one gets from telling people that you own and use the fastest electric bike in the world. It could get many people interested in electric bikes.

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Fastest Electric Bike in the World
Fastest Electric Bike in the World

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What Is the Fastest Electric Bike in the World?

Fastest Electric Motorbike

Now that we’ve discussed why you may want the fastest electric bike in the world, we can look into what it is. The Hyper Electric Bicycle with MTB wheels SWIND-EB-01 claims to be the fastest electric bike in the world.

Swindon Powertrain Limited manufactures this bike in the city of Swindon in South England. However, this bike claims to be more of an electric motorbike than an electric bike. So, this is perhaps not the best option if you want to invest in just an electric bike.

This particular model was released in 2019 and can reach speeds of up to 60mph, which is 40 mph more than your average speed limit for electric bikes in America.

This electric motorbike claiming to be the fastest electric bike in the world tells us much about the problem of speed with electric bikes in the world. It’s very difficult to have a very fast electric bike that doesn’t toe the line between an electric bike and an electric motorbike.

However, a thing to note about this motorbike is that you would need a motorcycle license to ride it, which means you don’t have to worry about young people making dangerous decisions while using this vehicle.

It has a motor of about 5000w, and you can drive up to 80 miles on one single charge with this motorbike. Also, you can recharge the bike completely in 90 minutes. However, this versatility also comes with a very large price tag.

It costs a significant sum of money, and you’ll be able to consider all aspects of your decision carefully before you buy this bike. It costs a raging $21,200 or £16,500.

This price tag states that it’s not an affordable option for many. However, the great thing about it is that since your preorder it, the bike is made completely customized for you.

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Fastest Electric Bike

The previous option informs you of the fact that there’s always a difference between an electric motorbike and a simple electric bike. So, for electric bikes, the fastest one in the world would have to be the Delfast Top 3.0.

It is a revered electric bike that can speed up very easily and is recommended by many websites as the fastest electric bike in the world.

The best feature of this bike is again its similarity to an electric motorcycle instead of an electric bike. it looks, feels, and performs like an electric motorbike instead of an electric bike.

It has a massive 200-mile range, which is a massive range for any bike that’s available in the market as of now. 200 miles means you can travel from New York City to Natick, Massachusetts in one charge. That’s the greatest range and function that you could get from an electric bike.

This range means you can truly make the bike your commute transport and use it to travel from one place to another.

Additionally, the most important aspect of this bike is its top speed of 50 mph. Having this speed means you would just glide through the highway and get from one place to another easily. It could easily satisfy your hunger for speed and give you an adrenaline rush.

However, the top speed of this bike doesn’t fill the need legal quota set by the many states in the United States; so, that’s something you would need to look into.

If this bike does suit your fancy, you should treat it as a motorbike and get yourself a license for it. Furthermore, there’s also the fact that these bikes are more on the expensive side. They’re not expensive as the previous UK option.

However, Delfast 3.0 sales at roughly $7000 and that’s not the kind of money, many people have lying around.

Regardless of money, there’s something to be said about the accessibility of this vehicle. It can be very fast but is it the perfect electric bike for your according to the parameters that you have.

As we mentioned before, speed can both be a very general parameter and a very specific parameter. Speed depends on many things and the best thing that you can do for yourself when trying to buy the fastest electric bike in the world is set up what kind of parameters you require.

The Delfast 3.0 is equipped for a range of scenarios, it’s adept as an off-road and city commuter. It has side mirrors and a built-in LED headlamp to help you watch where you’re going. it also comes with many cargo options and a built-in GPS so that you can easily navigate your way around the city.

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what is the Fastest Electric Bike in the World
An electric bike

What Makes a Bike the Fastest Bike in the World for You?

A title like, “the fastest bike in the world”, comes with a lot of generalization in terms of both, the bike and the speed that it reaches.  This generalization is incorrect because the fastest bike in the world could be different according to different people.

You have to realize if the fastest electric bike in the world is fitting its purpose for you. The formula for speed divides distance traveled and time taken. However, these two variables are also dependent on many factors which we’re going to discuss below.

You should look at the following factors when you’re looking at the fastest bike in the world to see if it’s a match for you.

1. Purpose

You have to understand the purpose you wish to derive from the speed of the bike. In what situations do you want this speed to work the best? What is the purpose that you wish to accomplish with the speed of this bike?

If you wish to ride it for sport, then you can take an electric bike to any race track and bike around at the highest throttle. If that’s the only reason you’re doing this, then you can just go ahead and buy the fastest electric bike in the world.

However, if you require there to be more nuance to the speed, you may want to reconsider.

2. Terrain

This factor often comes up when you’re talking about speed. The terrain that you’ll ride your bike on makes a world of difference to the speed of your electric bike. You need to know the kind of terrain that you are anticipating to be riding this bike on. Likely, this fast bike won’t support speed on the rough terrain you have in mind.

Moreover, if you want to use the bike for ascents and hills, then it’s likely that you’re not going to use the bike for speed on these planes either. Going uphill quickly depends on many factors like gears and the stamina of the rider.

Even if you only use the motorized mode on your electric bike, likely, you won’t reach the top speed of the bike you’re driving.

3. Commute

If you’re thinking of using this particular bike for commute, it’s a wasted opportunity. If you’re buying an expensive bike that goes very solely for commutes, you are rejecting the bike’s intended purpose and putting yourself and other people in grave danger.

The bike is built to reach high speeds, and using it only for commute is a waste of money. If you want to commute on a bike, you can buy a much more cost-efficient and a slower bike that you can drive to work every day.

Using this bike on a road also means you can go very fast anytime you want. You can accidentally drive faster than you’re intending to and put yourself and others in a lot of danger.

You could end up in an accident due to a small miscalculation, and that’s not something you should take lightly.

4. Legality

Owning any of these fast bikes with top speeds exceeding 20mph is not legal in the US. In the UK and Europe, the speed limit for any electric bike is even less at 15.5 mph. Ask yourself what the point of buying something so uber-expensive is if you don’t even get to enjoy it.

You should also remember that these speed limits are there for your safety so you don’t harm anyone else. You should do your best to follow these limits and regulations.

The legality for such bikes can change depending on the location so you should ensure you’re aware of the laws of your state, city, and district.

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Final Thoughts

The thought of owning and riding the fastest electric bike in the world is exciting. However, when you consider the practicality of such a decision, the reality of it proves to be vastly underwhelming. The fastest bikes in the world could be different for different people.

However, even if we’re talking about general speed, the fastest bike in the world is not something you can ride very easily. The laws behind electric bikes don’t support the existence of the fastest electric bike in the world, apart from if it’s on a race track. You should thoroughly think about your decision before you invest in the fastest electric bike in the world.