Stealth Electric Bike – Why you should buy one

Bicycles have been around for a long time, and like many things, they have evolved with time. A result of these evolutions is the electric bike. Electric bikes are similar to normal bikes but they also have electric components that help the rider in their journey with their bikes.

Bikes have special components like motors and batteries to help the riders use less of their energy. Instead, these bikes harness power from machines that are far more efficient than the human body.

With the turn of the century, bikes have slowly evolved from this mode of transport only restricted to kids and adolescents to a method of transport that many employ.

Much of this change has occurred because of the addition of electrical components to the bike’s body. Its agility, strength, and speed have been greatly affected due to these maneuvers.

Adding electrical components means that many people can even use electric bikes as another way to commute.

In the past few years, the demand for electric bikes has increased, and many companies have started manufacturing electric bikes in response. One such company is Stealth Electric bikes. They design various electric bikes and have been doing so for years.

In the article, we will inform you all you need to know about Stealth Electric Bikes and why you should consider investing in one.

What Is an Electric Bike?

As stated earlier, an electric bike has all the same components as any normal bike but with the addition of electric components like batteries, motors, and controllers. Electric bikes have many advantages compared to normal bicycles, which is why many people are buying them.

One of the advantages is that electric bikes are better for the environment so anyone who may be environmentally conscious would likely choose these.

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What Is a Stealth Electric Bike?

Stealth is an Australian-owned electric bike brand. They design their bikes on Australian grounds and export them to other countries, such as the United States and Canada.

It is a quickly growing brand that prides itself in the innovation it brings to the electric bike business. It has released several models for electric bikes. These models have different top speeds and price points so you can choose whichever suits you best.

A Stealth electric bike is designed specifically for you, keeping in mind the growing electric bike industry. Stealth is working day and night to provide bikes that can compete in the international market.

The fact that the production for these bikes is in Australia makes the distribution outside of Australia, logistically problematic.

The shipping from Australia to North America itself could cost them thousands of dollars. However, Stealth is continually working on ways around this.

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Stealth Electric Bikes
Stealth Electric Bikes (Photo:

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Are Stealth Electric Bikes Legal?

Stealth Electric bikes come in different models and top speeds. The most important thing to know about these bikes is that some of them have a lot of power. A cursory glance at the stealth electric bikes website will inform you that the manufacturers have used motors with powers that aren’t legal in most countries.

These bikes and their speed can have them classified as electric motorbikes instead of electric bikes. However, legally, some models are recognized as electric bikes in the US and Europe as they meet such specifications.

These electric bike models have batteries with powers within 250 and 500 watts range, which will produce top speeds that are acceptable in European and North American countries. The speed limit in the US is 20 mph, while in Europe, the speed limits are 15.5 mph.

The top speeds for most bikes in the Stealth electric bikes collection are above these speed limits. The built of Stealth electric bikes require heavier motors, leading to these electric bikes attaining higher top speeds.

Most Stealth electric bikes, namely models, P-7, F-37, B-52, and H-52 aren’t legal in the US and Europe. Apart from these countries, you could perhaps look at other locations with laws that are laxer and would allow the purchase and driving of these vehicles on the street.

You can also just buy other models such as P-7, which is safe to drive on the road and legal as it comes in two motor options, i.e., the 250w motor or the 500w motor.

The highest wattage for electric bike motors, which are legal in North America and Europe is 700 watts, and this model cuts according to that.

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Are Stealth Electric Bikes Any Good?

Stealth electric bikes come with an added brand of danger to the entire design. These bikes look heavy, and with their motors having such high wattages, they likely are.

Stealth electric bikes have a lot of novelty to them since they’re not trying to fit into the exact image of an electric bike. They look strong and sturdy and live up to their brand image.

Very few companies have tried to build an electric bike while completely ignoring what constitutes an electric bike. Whether or not they’re good depends on what purpose you wish to get out of them. These stealth bikes are notorious for their speeds.

Most stealth bikes have a motor that’s greater than 1000 watts so you’d be able to travel quickly. However, if you’re buying this electric bike for someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience riding electric bikes, a Stealth electric bike may not be the best option.

You could still opt for a slower model; however, in general, these bikes are heavy to carry so they may cause a fair bit of annoyance and nuisance for people riding them.

Furthermore, if you want an electric bike for the sole purpose of speed, Stealth electric bikes may be exactly what you need. However, if speed isn’t your concern, you should consider getting other electric bikes that are legal to own.

Stealth has spent years and years establishing its brand so that it can be heralded as a leader in the electric bike manufacturing industry.

If you buy a Stealth electric bike, quality is guaranteed. However, in terms of it being “good?” it may not be good for you or compatible with you.

You should ensure that before you opt for buying a Stealth electric bike, it’s something that you want.

Stealth Electric Bike review
Stealth Electric Bike review (Photo:

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What Are Some Reasons You Would Want to Buy a Stealth Electric Bike?

Electric bikes have many advantages, and these may convince you to get one. Stealth electric bikes also have such advantages.

We have listed some reasons you may want to buy a Stealth electric bike instead of a normal bike since Stealth is a company that primarily deals with electric bikes and electric skateboards.

1.  They help you travel greater distances

Electric bikes have special electric components that harness energy more efficiently. Since normal bikes are only powered by humans, they can’t travel great distances. There’s only so much utility you can get from a regular bike without the help of any electrical components like a battery or a motor.

2. They are faster

Stealth electric bikes have heavy motors that enable them to reach higher speeds. However, electric bikes can also go faster than the average person on a normal bike and you can’t go wrong with the fixed RPMs of these machines.

In regular bikes, people or riders are the only sources of energy, and they might not be able to maintain higher speeds for a long period or as easily as the electric bike would be able to.

3. They help you stay fit

Most electric bikes come with a few different modes you can choose from. Hence, if you buy an electric bike, get the function of both an electric bike and a regular bike. Most electric bikes have three modes — pedal-mode, pedal-assist, and electric mode.

With these three modes, you can use your bike as a regular bike and get your exercise in as regularly as you would prefer. You won’t even have to tire yourself out.

When you get exhausted while exercising, switch to the pedal-assist mode or electrical mode and use the energy from your motor and batteries instead.

These three modes also diversify the purposes you can use the bike for. Hence, you’re likely to get the most out of your entire purchase.

4. They help you save money

Electric bikes with their many modes have the specifications and the capabilities to become your main method of commute. These electric bikes, especially the ones with greater wattages on their motors, can go very fast and are good enough to compete with any other mode of transportation.

Granted, some of these bikes would not be legal in certain countries; however, they are still a valid option if they are allowed in your country.

You can save tens and thousands of dollars of money because you won’t have to invest in a car or even in a motorcycle. You can also save money on petrol and car insurance.

These bikes will not be very expensive for you, and they’re multi-purpose so you won’t have to buy more than one. You can spend the money you save by making purchases that will help improve your credit score in the future.

5. They’re environmentally friendly

One of the best aspects of electric bikes is that they don’t use non-renewable sources of energy and fossil fuels like petrol and natural gas.

Since electric bikes don’t burn any of these polluting fuels for energy, they don’t release harmful gases into the atmosphere and contribute to climate change.

If you’re single, owning a car is reasonably ostentatious and expands your carbon footprint. Electric bikes work using electricity. Electricity is also gained from power stations so they’re not completely sustainable either.

However, these bikes are now coming with solar chargers for electric bikes. These solar chargers are a clean method of energy that can further help reduce your carbon footprint.

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Types of Stealth Electric Bikes

We’ve established that Stealth electric bikes come in many types, shapes, and forms. If you’re thinking of buying an electric bike from Stealth, you should look at all the options they have and then make a decision.

Stealth Electric Bike
Stealth Electric Bike (Photo:

We have listed all of the models that Stealth offers below with their specifications and our recommendations.

1.  P-7

This Stealth model is one that anyone can buy, its motor power can switch between 250 and 500 watts, which means that it’s legal, and you can drive around on streets using this model.

It has a top speed of 25 km/h, which means you will be able to stay within speed limits set by the law in Europe and North America. It offers a massive range of 150 kilometers, and you could easily travel from New York City to Blakeslee in Pennsylvania using this bike.

You can use this bike for your daily commute, even though it’s an off-road vehicle. Since it’s legal, you don’t have to be worried about speed or having to stop for the cops. If you want to get a workout during your commute, this is the model for you.

Its weight is 29 kg, which means that you can also carry it around the city easily. It has a 9-speed gear train, which means if your commute involves hills or ascents, the P-7 is the perfect choice for you.

The brushless DC motor is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy for it to assist you up an incline.

The P-7 is a pedelec, which means you’ll have to engage the pedals to initiate the pedal-assist mode or even just the motor mode. It can also be fully charged within 3 hours after which it has a range of 100 miles or 150 km.

2. P-7R

This model is similar to the P-7; however, it has a top speed of 28 mph, which is significantly higher than 20 mph. It has a motor with a 1,500 wattage, which assists the e-bike reaches a speed of 28 mph.

However, regardless of this extra wattage, the weight of the P-7R is the same as that of the P-7 at 29 kg, which is a feat for engineering. However, this also means that the bike will likely be less in control due to the high top speed. It has the same distance range as the P-7 and very similar features.

You can easily say that this model is an upgrade of the P-7 and more useful for people, who want a faster model in a stealth electric bike.

The major difference apart from speed is that this electric bike has a twist grip throttle, which you can use to accelerate the bike. It comes with Durolux 36 mm suspension fork so you can have greater compression damping and compliance at higher speeds.

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3. F-37

This is a heavier model at 40 kgs and has a top speed of 38 mph. You can not use this bike on the road, but it’s not designed for the road either. It’s a great option for a mountain trail and all those mountain bike enthusiasts looking for an electric option.

It’s a great choice for people who are used to competing in bike races on the mountain trails as you can expect a range of 60 miles at 15 mph. It’s safe and reliable, which are some of the most important aspects of a design for mountain biking.

4. B-52

It’s heavier than the F-37 at 51 kgs. Its heaviness means that it can also handle a rider up to 120 kg.  This bike is not easy to move around and is built for the very specific purpose of mountain biking.

It has a top speed of 50 mph, making it an older brother of sorts to the F-37. You can choose to buy this bike if you want to take on any mountain trails or competitions.

5. H-52

This motorbike-looking electric bike has a top speed of 50 mph and a weight of 48 kilograms. It’s not the heaviest model among the Stealth electric bikes but it’s close. It has a range of 37 miles, which is less than the other models.

However, it can catapult to a speed of 50 mph in seconds. This isn’t a bike that you can buy and use in the suburbs unless you keep control of its speed.

However, you can easily take it to an abandoned parking lot and have the time of your life with it. It’s a great option for people who are looking to get more out of their electric bikes.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons for buying a Stealth electric bike. Stealth electric bikes have the advantages of premium quality and innovative design to name a few. However, you should be aware of your own needs in an electric bike and see if those match with any of the models represented on the Stealth Electric Bikes’ website. If any of these strike your fancy, only then should you buy them.

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