Best electric bike for long distance touring

Are you looking out for the best electric bike for long distance touring? Check out the top 4 picks for you.

One of the most significant advantages of electric bikes is that they enable you to ride long distances without tiring yourself. These bikes make this possible through the motor and battery installed onto the system.

The battery provides power to the motor, and the motor offers assistance to your pedaling. Therefore, electric bikes typically have a pedal-assist system (PAS) or a throttle system. They can have both as well.

A PAS supports your pedaling power to varying degrees. Therefore, you can adjust the assistance level, with the highest assistance level offering the most comfortable ride and the lowest requiring more effort on your part.

A throttle system, on the other hand, allows you to ride electric bikes without needing to pedal at all. While these systems are useful, they typically do not provide the best range.

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Thus, some bikes come with both throttle and PAS, offering users more control with their e-biking experience.

Suppose electric bike range is a significant concern for you, as it is with many everyday riders. In that case, you may want to consider an e-bike that allows you to travel a considerable distance on a single battery charge.

With that in mind, this comprehensive guide will go over the details of some e-bikes to help you pick the best electric bike for long distance touring.

Best Electric Bike for Long Distance Touring

Entry-level electric bikes typically provide you with a range of about 30 miles if you don’t use the e-bike at a high assistance level. With a 36V, 9Ah (324Wh) battery, you can even travel as little as 16 miles until you completely discharge the battery.

In that case, you’ll have to pedal the remaining distance on your own, which can become cumbersome if you have to travel long distances every day. Therefore, take a look at these options for the best longest-range electric bike for touring.


Best electric bike for long distance touring

QWIC, an e-bike manufacturer in Amsterdam, is known for bikes with exceptional build quality while also being affordable.

As a result, this company’s electric bikes are high in demand in different parts of Europe, such as the UK and Germany. Therefore, this particular QWIC model showcases the company’s testament to quality.

The QWIC MN7 VV Offers a Great Range and a Comfortable Riding Experience

QWIC’s MN7 VV is designed specifically to make commuting a relaxed and comfortable experience, even if you have a lot of distance to cover.

The bike comes with Step-Through or Crossbar frame styles, which provide excellent comfort even when sitting on this long-range electric bike for a significant amount of time.

The QWIC is available with a 735Wh battery, which is significantly greater than your average electric bike. As a result, you can travel up to 130 miles on a single charge with this electric bike if you use it in its Eco mode.

This mode is perfect for commuting around in large cities in California and so forth. Moreover, as the power limit is below 750W, you can legally ride it on the roads in the United States.

The QWIC MN7 VV Has Great Power

While the QWIC MN7 VV offers a comfortable riding experience for traveling long distances, it also provides great power when you want it to. The bike comes with a Sport mode that favors power over mileage.

As a result, you can use the 80Nm motor to its fullest potential to reach great speeds, have excellent acceleration, and an effortless ride. The Sport mode is an excellent option when you to have travel over steep hills.

You should note, however, that the mileage will reduce from about 130 miles to 40 miles if you use it in sport mode for the entirety of the ride.

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2. Raleigh Centros

electric bikes for long distance touring
Long-range electric bike

The Raleigh Centros is an ideal choice for commuting in the city. It has a simple yet sleep and modern design that prioritizes comfort over anything. This way, it will prevent you from feeling any pains in your body when you travel long distances.

The Raleigh Centros comes with a 500Wh battery that offers sufficient power to climb steep roads without needing to pedal with much force.

In addition to that, the 500Wh battery enables you to get about 140 miles on a single charge if you ride the bike with a low assistance level.

The Raleigh Centros Has Useful Features

What makes the Raleigh Centros even better for commuting in cities in Florida and other states is that it has useful features that improve its overall value-for-money. These features include integrated rear and front lights that enhance visibility for late-night rides.

In addition to that, the bike comes with a locking rear wheel so that you can secure it when you get to a shop.

Furthermore, its entirely concealed battery within the downtube helps make the e-bike look sleek and elegant.

Not the Best for Acceleration

This bike is not the best option if you’re looking for a long-range electric bike that has a lot of power with fantastic acceleration.

Instead, it offers a consistently pleasant ride for riders who don’t want to end up pedaling on their own during the last few miles before reaching their destination.

Also, for the price, this one of the best commuting electric bikes money can buy.

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3. Delfast

Best electric bike for long distance touring
Best longest-range electric bike for touring

If you are looking for a long-range electric bike with tremendous speed, acceleration, and range, you cannot go wrong with the Delfast bike.

This electric bike comes with a whopping 3000Wh battery, which is considerably higher than even most high-powered electric bikes.

However, let’s first clarify that this electric bike is not street legal at full power because most countries have a cap on how much power an electric bike can have when on the road.

That said, you can still use the Delfast bike on the roads in various parts of the world thanks to its power-limited mode.

With the power-limited mode, the maximum speed you can reach with this electric bike is 15.5 mph (or 25 Kmh). You can expect to travel distances of 228 miles on a single charge on this electric bike if you don’t use it at maximum power.

As a result, you can use this bike for various purposes, including commuting. That said, you should note that the tires are not ideal for road use, and you may not have the best control on smooth terrain as a result.

The Delfast Is Built for Off-Road Use

The Delfast is built for off-road use, and it would serve well for races on such terrain. With thick tires and a suspension system that’s built for this terrain, you can be sure to have fantastic traction on off-road surfaces with this bike.

This way, you can ride the electric bike at high speeds without the fear of slipping and falling. You will also have great control, allowing you to ride fast on narrow paths for a more thrilling experience.

The bike also has a small frame, so it’s not very heavy, allowing you to gain speed quickly and also get great range from it. You can also hit high speeds with this bike, considering it has a top speed of 50 mph (or 80 Kmh), which is significantly greater than other stock electric bikes.

Perhaps the biggest downside of this long-range electric bike is that it’s extremely expensive. The price starts at $6649 and will increase depending on the additional features you get with it.

This bike is a great choice for enthusiasts who want to participate in competitive off-road e-biking events.

4. QWIC Urban Range

Best longest-range electric bikes for touring
QWIC Urban FN7

The QWIC Urban looks like a regular bike, but it is, in fact, an electric bike. This is because it has a concealed battery within the downtube, giving it a clean and minimalistic design.

In addition to looking great, this bike offers an exceptional balance of affordability and long-range performance.

The QWIC Urban Comes in a Range of Different Watt-Hours Options

The QWIC Urban comes in a range of different watt-hours options, including 300Wh, 400Wh, and 500Wh.

Now, you will obviously get the most mileage from the 500Wh model because all other factors about the bike are consistent.

However, the most affordable option is the 300Wh model. While the lowest-powered model may not be the best electric bike for long distance touring, it will still cover a lot of distance without breaking the bank.

That said, with the 500Wh model, you can squeeze up to 110 miles of range by using the lowest assistance setting on the bike.

The QWIC Urban Offers Useful Features for Long-Distance Traveling

If you live in a city with relatively flat terrain, you won’t need the high-powered models, as 300Wh provides sufficient power to get through an urban landscape comfortably. The bike also sports thin tires, which provide great control over roads.

Another great thing about this electric bike is that it has Bluetooth support. You can use this to track your riding stats at any time. You can get an estimate of how much range you have left while you’re riding.

So, you can adjust your assistance level and how you pedal to ensure that you can reach your destination without running out of battery power.

The Bluetooth support also helps you track other useful features, such as the average speed you travel at.

How to Increase an Electric Bike’s Range (8 Tips)

While all of these bikes offer excellent range when it comes to e-bikes, there are some ways in which you can increase the range even further, allowing you to maximize the amount of distance you can cover in a single charge.

Thus, here are some ways on how to increase an electric bike’s range.

Best Electric Bike for Long Distance Touring
Best Electric Bike for Long Distance Touring

1# Pedal with Little Force

Many long-range electric bikes come with a torque sensor built into the system. Therefore, this sensor sends more power to the motor if you pedal with more. This way, you can travel at fast speeds and get excellent acceleration from your electric bike.

The disadvantage of pedaling with a lot of force is that you will discharge the electric bike battery at a greater rate.

Consequently, you will decrease your electric bike’s range. Thus, you should try to keep your pedaling force as light as possible to ensure that you can travel long distances without a problem.

Moreover, traveling for several miles can get tiring, so it’s best to conserve your energy and keep the riding process nearly effortless.

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2# Change Your Electric Bike’s Gears at the Right Time

The purpose of gears on electric bikes are to make the riding experience comfortable. Electric bikes’ have gears for specific speed ranges. So, you will have to change the gears as your speed changes to ensure your ride is smooth and effortless.

You will create less resistance to the pedals if you use the right gears at the correct speed. As a result, you won’t have to use a high setting for your pedal assistance for climbing over steep hills either.

You will use less power from your electric bike battery with a low assistance setting, which, in turn, will improve the range.

3# Keep Your Pedal-Assist System at a Low Level

In most cases, you can adjust the setting on the Pedal-assist system on your electric bike. Keeping it at a high assistance level will make your ride smoother, and a low assistance level will preserve battery power and provide better range.

4# Make Sure the Air Pressure in Your Tires Is Correct

Make sure the air pressure in your tires is correct to prevent creating more drag on the surface you’re riding. More drag means that the motor of the bike will need to generate more force to ensure that it runs at the desired speed.

As a result, the motor will consume battery faster than usual, which will decrease the electric bike’s range.

Therefore, check the air pressure on your long-range electric bike every alternate day before you head out to ride your electric bike. You can check if the air pressure is correct by looking at the side of your e-bike’s tires.

5# Charge an Electric Bike Battery After Every Use

Don’t charge your e-bike battery after it discharges entirely. It will be a lot harder to manage to get to your destination comfortably without a full battery. A fully-charged electric bike battery provides you with the bike’s full range.

You can prolong lithium-ion batteries’ lifespan by charging them at that about 50% capacity. So, it’s best to keep your battery in good condition to protect your investment, considering lithium-ion batteries don’t have a long life span.

6# Put Thin Tires on Your Long-Range Electric Bike

If you have an electric bike for long-distance touring, the chances are that it will have thin tires on it. These tires reduce the drag and allow you to reduce the load on your electric bike’s motor by reaching higher speeds with ease.

In addition to that, you should get smooth tires with knurling on them. Smooth tires reduce drag on smooth terrain like roads, and they provide great grip at the same time. You will only need thick tires with knurling to ride on off-road terrain because they provide excellent traction.

Use thin and smooth tires if you know that you won’t ride your electric bike on off-road terrain.

7# Try to Keep Your Electric Bike as Light As Possible

A light electric bike will use less power from the battery and increase the bike’s overall range in the process.

Light electric bikes require less force to start moving and to keep the speed consistent. It’s best not to carry a lot of things in the basket of your bike so that you can keep the bike as light as possible.

8# Consider Changing the Electric Bike Battery

You must note that the battery on an e-bike is what classifies it as a long-range electric bike. A battery with more Watt-hours (i.e., high Amp-hours and voltage ratings) will have more capacity.

Therefore, it can provide the motor with power for longer durations. So, if you want to make your electric bike capable of traveling long distances, swap its existing battery for one with more Watt-hours.

However, make sure that the battery’s specifications match the motor’s specifications. A mix-match could result in damage to your e-bike.

Last Words on Best electric bike for long-distance touring

With 4 excellent options, you can pick the best electric bike for long-distance touring that suits your needs. You should note that each electric bike is unique, so you should choose one based on what you plan to do with your bike. For example, if you plan on commuting long distances within urban environments, you should pick an inexpensive bike with less power and comfortable seating. Once you know what your electric bike needs are, your choice will become much easier.