Electric walking bike – Detailed guide

With greater awareness of climate change and its damaging effects for the planet, responsible people have decided to find better transportation methods. This awareness of unsustainable systems and fuel shortages may be the reason we’re looking for better alternatives to transportation methods. These methods should use clean energy instead of fossil fuels.

However, in the past decade, electric bikes’ usage has changed; manufacturers are now updating them to help people meet their need for on-the-go fitness. Electric bikes now have to fulfill the transport and fitness functions of a normal bike and the battery-charged ease of an electric bike.

The options customers want nowadays have brought rapid innovation in the bikes available to the public. We will discuss electric walking bikes, a trendy innovation of electric bikes for health fanatics who want to save time on exercise and transport by investing in a solution that accomplishes both together.

What Is an Electric Walking Bike?

An electric walking bike is more or less like a treadmill on wheels.  It’s a mobile treadmill that allows you to exercise while moving around. The design involves a treadmill at the base of the bike. There are no paddles to move the bike; instead, the person riding the bike walks on a treadmill.

Electric walking bikes are a novel idea developed by the Lopifit company. Lopifit is based in the Netherlands, where riding a bike is the most common method of transportation.

Electric walking bike
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How Does It Work?

The electric walking bike works in a very simple way. It uses an electric battery 350-watt battery that charges the treadmill. The biker then walks on the treadmill as they ride the bike around town. The battery has enough power to take you 30-50 miles. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while walking on the treadmill.

The base of the bike is wide to accommodate the treadmill and adhere to the design. You can also choose different speeds and gears on the bike like you would on a regular bike.

Features of an Electric Walking Bike

The electric bike has many features that enable it to be the next trend in biking. Some of these features are listed below:

  • A strong, powerful LG battery (48V 20Ah)
  • High-performance disc brakes
  • Different colors
  • Easy to read backlit control display

What should I look for when investing in an electric walking bike?

Before investing in a bike like this, there are many aspects that you need to consider before you make your final choice. It’s a relatively new technology, so you should understand how it works and what features should be present in what capacity.

Some of the aspects that you would need to consider while buying a bike are as follows:


The most important aspect to look into for any electric bike is the motor. The motors are available in various power ratings, ranging from 200 watts to 1000 watts or more. Some states in America have a limit on the wattage of the motor, so you need to check out state restrictions before you buy an electric bike.

A higher power rating means that the bike will carry the rider’s weight more easily, and it’s less likely to go through problems. However, a higher power rating also means that the charge on the battery is less likely to last as long. So with a 200 watts motor, the charge may last for, say, 4 hours, and with a 750-watt motor, it would last maybe half that time.

Generally, the motor used in an electric bike is called a hub motor, and its placement describes its type. If the motor is in the front, it’s a front hub, and if it’s in the back, it’s a rear hub, etc. This kind of motor helps moves the wheel along. However, it isn’t that great on hills and rough terrains.

For purposes of ascent, a mid-drive motor is more efficient. It lets you change gears with incline and also provides better torque and pace to move.  It can perform even under conditions of lower battery and allows for better handling of the bike itself.

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The battery is the single most important feature of the bike; it’s the primary power source for the bike, and you can’t move from one location to the other without it. This battery needs to be impeccable and able to handle the rides that you plan on going on.

You should carefully consider the battery choice. The main types of batteries available in electric bikes are:

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA)

These batteries are the most common ones used for electric scooters and bicycles. Manufacturers of electric scooters still use these kinds of batteries; however, as lightness is an important factor for electric bikes, manufacturers of this kind of bike are opting for more lightweight models.

It is an inexpensive option, and that’s why manufacturers opt for it. However, the battery’s lead-acid can leak and cause a mess. Furthermore, this battery is bulky and needs to charge immediately after being used.

Additionally, it isn’t very easy to maintain and is also not very likely to last for a lot of time as the user can only recharge it for a limited amount of time.

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Lithium-Ion or Polymer

These types of batteries are the latest technology. These batteries have a longer lifetime and are a lot more lightweight than SLA batteries.

They also don’t require as much maintenance. However, these batteries are more expensive than the previous option and thus are likelier to cost you a pretty penny.


Like any other bike, an electric walking bike comes in a wide variety of different colors and with different accessories.  So you have quite a plethora of options to choose from.


The controller is the bike part that allows the rider to operate electrical assistance or pedal assistance. Manufacturers generally place the controller where the rider can easily activate it, generally on the handlebar. Controllers are available in two main methods of activation:

  • Pedal-activated
  • Throttle based
Pedal-activated  Throttle based  
Pedal activated controller enables electrical assistance as soon as the user presses down on the pedals. The rider doesn’t need to do anything else apart from engaging the pedals.

The controller on the handlebar then lets you adjust the degree of electrical assistance that you would want. This help could range from little assistance to a great deal of assistance, but you can easily maintain it using the controller. However, these controllers are unlikely to exist in electric walking bikes.  
Throttle-based controllers, as the name suggests, works by using the throttle. The throttle might be in the form of a push-button or a gear twist. When this is pressed or twisted, the rider will get electrical assistance.

In some bikes, the driver needs to press the throttle, and the rider will get electrical assistance even without pedaling.  

Thus knowing what type of controller would be a better choice for you is necessary before you decide to buy an electric bike.


Since this is a relatively new technology, the price for such a bike can be higher than a regular bike or even a regular electric bike. If it’s too pricey for you might consider buying another kind of bike. The options for electric walking bikes are limited now, which is also why this might not be the best option for you.

However, if budget is not a limitation for you, then this might be a great option that you could perhaps go for.

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Electric walking bikes
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What Are the Benefits of an Electric Walking Bike?

There may be many reasons that you should want to invest in an electric walking bike. It is the next big trend, and you can work out easily using this particular system. There are, however, also a great number of benefits of using an electric walking bike as your means of transportation:

It Has Multiple Uses

Bikers can use it as a simple method of transportation or a complete workout with the right kind of settings. It has an attached treadmill that you can use on the go and work out whenever you want.

It Is Environmentally Friendly

The bike doesn’t use any harmful fossil fuels that release greenhouse gases and add to global warming. It is an environmentally friendly alternative to other modes of transportation and light to carry it to different places and park it with relative ease.

It Allows Full-Body Motion

A very significant reason to invest in these kinds of bikes is that they’ll likely keep you fit. The treadmill at the bike’s base keeps your legs in constant motion and helps you move around. It keeps you active even while you’re riding an electric walking bike, and that’s not present in other more automatic vehicles.

It Is Healthy

An electric walking bike is good for your health, and it helps you maintain a healthy heart rate. You can go fast and slow, depending on your ability. It can also be a device for leisure and health at the same time. Having a bike like this handy is sure to enable you to make healthier choices.

It Can Be Economical

If you shift from normal fuel-based vehicles to electric bikes, you’re likely going to be saving a lot of money on fuel, car insurance, and car maintenance. If you live in a city where that switch is possible, you should consider opting for this.

The maintenance for an electric walking bike is so much more affordable, and you get to be wherever you want without having to deal with traffic or inconsistent public transport.

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Final Thoughts

Electric walking bikes may be a step in the right direction as far as our issues with current transportation systems are concerned. Manufacturers are aware of this need in the market and working to provide an alternative that could satisfy bike enthusiasts and clean energy advocates alike. You should consider the many aspects and benefits of venturing in the direction of electric bikes.

However, there is still a long way to go with electric bikes, specifically electric walking bikes. Still, these bikes provide a glimpse into a future that could be clean, healthy, and convenient for all.