What Mountain Bikes Are Made in The USA?

Mountain Bikes Made In The USA

Do you want to know which mountain bikes are manufactured in the USA? Being the birthplace of this sport, mountain biking culture has always been very popular in the USA. Research shows that almost 50 million Americans, age 16 and above, ride mountain bikes in the USA every single year. This means that almost 20% …

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How Do Mountain Bike Hydraulic Disc Brakes Work?

How Do Mountain Bike Hydraulic Disc Brakes Work

When you’re traversing different landscapes, including muddy and rocky terrain, you need to have proper safety systems to protect you and your vehicle if you come across any significant roadblocks on your trail. The safety mechanism is important to control the speed of your mountain bike when you’re riding downhill, and it is also used …

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Can I Mountain Bike Every Day? | How many days a week should I mountain bike?

Can I Mountain Bike Every Day

Mountain biking provides nature lovers with a unique way to explore the great outdoors far from traffic-riddled roads. The activity also provides an opportunity for you to get your adrenaline pumping when you’re navigating different terrains so you can improve your bike handling skills. If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast, you might have some questions …

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What Mountain Bike Size Am I | How to Know My Mountain Bike Size

How to Know My Mountain Bike Size

The right mountain bike size goes a long way! Just like all of us require different-sized clothes, not one mountain bike frame size fits all. Therefore, when investing in a mountain bike, it is essential to buy the one that suits you to ensure better control and comfort. Although traditional methods like seat tube length …

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How to Repair Electric Bike Battery [A Step-by-Step Guide]

how to repair electric bike battery

Whether you are a new e-bike owner or someone who has already been a fan of the invention since its launch in the United States, the sheer volume of things to know about the electric bike battery can be overwhelming. Being one of the most critical components of your electric bike, an e-bike battery plays …

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How to Climb Faster on a Mountain Bike? [10 Helpful Tips]

How to climb faster on a mountain bike

Want to know how to climb faster on a mountain bike? Are your friends winning every uphill race this summer? Feeling the urge to tackle that one tricky climb in the park you’ve never faced? Climbing hills isn’t easy on a mountain bike, and it’s a challenge every biker may face at some point. If …

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Electric Bike vs Petrol Bike – Helpful Guide

Electric Bike vs Petrol Bike

If you are not able to decide whether to buy an electric bike or a petrol bike, then here is the article where you will get all the information regarding Electric Bike vs Petrol Bike. The two-wheeler vehicle industry has come a long way. With each passing day, the world sees something new and innovative. …

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How to Clean An Electric Mountain Bike?

How to clean an electric mountain bike

At any given point, your electric mountain bike can and will get dirty. However, those cold, wet, and dreary months of the year can be particularly more annoying. During this time of the year, you may look at your electric bike and wonder it’s time to clean it thoroughly, but this is when an obvious …

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Best mountain biking backpacks in the market now

Best mountain biking backpacks

Mountain bike backpacks have been enhanced and optimized to carry all your snacks, water, and gear as simply and comfortably as possible. Since smaller and newer hip packs took over the mountain biking market, backpack manufacturers have been innovating and improving to get backpacks back into the mountain biking world again. It doesn’t matter what …

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Ultimate Superbikes: 13 Most Expensive Road Bikes of The World

most expensive road bike

“You’re probably nuts for spending so much on a road bike.” – is a comment we’re certain you’ve heard more often than you’d like; especially when the topic of expensive road bikes arises. But as a true road bike lover, only you can understand money spent on a precious steed (irrespective of the exorbitant price …

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