Best Road Bike Helmet Under $100

As a hobby that people never seem to get tired of, cycling does a brilliant job of keeping us all active without enthusiasts getting bored of their workout sessions.

The joy a person gets from exploring the world on a two-wheeled ride without ever worrying about fuel is unmatched. Nothing else feels the same when the breeze hits your face as you make your way across terrains and views of all kinds.

That said, these trips are fun only when you’re prioritizing safety. In a world where climate change is a serious concern because of the rapidly increasing number of vehicles, accidents can happen at any time.

If you’re trying to avoid getting into an accident of any type while you enjoy those trips with your two-wheeled friend, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Road Bike Helmet Under $100

We’ll take you through the best budget-friendly helmets you can find online. At the end of it all, you may find the best road bike helmets under $100!

Mavic – Cosmic Pro Helmet

Mavic XA Pro Helmet Medium Chive/Lime Green

This one of the best budget-friendly helmets offering you protection and safety along with great aesthetics and few features from the expensive lids. It ticks all requirements.

It’s available in three different colors, and people of all genders can wear it. It has 23 vents that do a good job of keeping you cool and make this a light helmet (only 245 grams!).

Moreover, it also has trickle-down capability, cushioning pads, a retention system, and mosquito mesh, which are usually found in the pricier options from Mavic. At a seasonal discount, you can easily get this helmet for under $100 bucks.

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Giro Foray Helmet

Most of us prefer keeping our bikes dark and low-profile. That’s because an all-black exterior gives your bike a sleek look while you’re riding it and who wouldn’t want a bit of stealth?

Giro Foray Adult Road Cycling Helmet - Large (59-63 cm), White/Iceberg/Citron (2019)

We suggest getting this one if you’re trying to ride a similar wave with your bike’s helmet. It’s all-black and has white accents in the right places, ensuring that you’re not standing out in the crowd.

The helmet also has in-mold polycarbonate that gives it the much-needed toughness for protection.

The SuperFit technological aspect also makes it fit and comfortable. Once you put it on, you’ll forget you’re wearing it. It has several openings and an angular shape that keeps the air flowing and prevents sweat from building up during those intense sessions.

Even if it does, you can remove the padding and wash the helmet, and it’ll be good as new!

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Team Obsidian – Road Helmet

Cutting edge design and a body that feels and looks great, what else could you want? For the price, the Obsidian is an exceptionally well-designed and lightweight choice. It has an oval design and has a fitness system that can fit either horizontally or vertically.

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Giro Register – MIPS Helmet

Giro is easily one of the most renowned companies when it comes to outdoor gear. It provides outstanding quality that can give premium-priced helmets a run for their money.

Considering all of this helmet’s features, we can easily say it is one of the best road bike helmets under $100.

The lining inside this helmet is MIPS, which is considered to be top-of-the-line in the helmet world. Knowing this, you can ride your bike comfortably since your head is protected safely in the helmet.

This synthetic helmet was engineered in the company’s test lab to ensure it delivers the highest performance levels.

It has an in-mold construction and 22 vents, making it durable and comfortable since it can provide ample ventilation. One feature that often makes it stand out is the comfortable fit that makes it the perfect fit for those long rides.

Moreover, it also has a removable visor and reflective strips that make this helmet a brilliant choice.

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Kask Rapido – Road Bike Helmet

The kask rapido helmet has a lot of vents. It is one of the best choices for those hot, scorching rides during the summer when the heat can make you sweat. If you live in a part of the country where it’s usually hot or if you sweat excessively, this is the perfect choice for you.

Kask Rapido Road Cycling Helmet

The materials used for its construction are a combination of a polycarbonate shell and a polystyrene cup. As a result, this helmet absorbs shock well, which makes it great at protecting your head.

On the other hand, the pivot system allows the helmet to have a great fit, too. Combining with the central ratchet wheel, this ensures you have the perfect fit, regardless of your head’s circumference.

Apart from the great quality you get, the helmet also has bright colors, and for many people, this is a huge benefit.

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Bell Falcon – MIPS

Bell’s Falcon MIPS oozes class in the best possible ways. The helmet’s angular shape combines the small vents to form a great design. The grey and black color scheme also look sleek.

However, if you’re interested in keeping a low profile, consider getting the all-black design. The build quality of this helmet is brilliant as it can protect you from multi-dimensional impact, and it does not break due to intense pressure either.

Moreover, since it has a lightweight polycarbonate cage, wearing it for a long time won’t be a problem either. Its soft padding and sweat guide pad can remove the sweat and the moisture, too.

BELL Formula MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet - Matte/Gloss Grays (2021), Large (58-62 cm)

That said, there isn’t going to be much sweat in the first place since it has a remarkable ventilation system.

If you’re trying to keep your head fresh and cool while staying under the $100 price tag, consider getting the Bell Falcon.

Bern Lenox Road Bike Helmet

Bern is considered the specialist in protection for skateboarders, bikers, and skaters for several people. This helmet is suitable both for road bikers and mountain bikers, and it was built while keeping women in mind.

As a result, it fits closely and sits low on the head. Even though it doesn’t have as efficient of a ventilation system, it can provide high-impact absorption on the interior, making it a tad bit comfier than other helmets.

If you’re not into road biking, you can also use this helmet for other sports. If you plan to use it in the winter, add a warm lining! That said, it is also worth mentioning that this is the heaviest helmet on our list (481 grams!).

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Smith Optics Signal

If you’re looking for a less bulky and lightweight option that can also offer you a wide combination of colors to choose from, this is the helmet you’ve been looking for.

This helmet has an angular shape and looks professional. The colors options available include:

  • White,
  • Cloud grey,
  • Rise,
  • Neon yellow,
  • Pool, and of course
  • Black.

Protection quality isn’t subpar either. You’re going to get a helmet that has an in-mold polycarbonate shell that ensures your helmet stays lightweight while also giving you maximum protection.

Moreover, Smith has managed to get several certifications for this helmet that help increase your confidence in the brand to be satisfied with your purchase.

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Lazer Helmet Blade +

Some people amongst us have a small head. These people can experience some level of difficulty finding a helmet that fits them, and Lazer created this lid with the same thought in mind.

Lazer Blade+ in-Mold Rollsys High Performance Cycle Helmet (Red/Black, Large)

Out of the box, it will have an ARS system that can make the helmet fit onto your head seamlessly, no matter the size.

Moreover, it also has 22 vents that ensure your head stays cool regardless of the intensity of your ride.

But then again, it also fairs well in the protection department as it has a bottom shell construction that ensures your head stays safe during harsh impacts.

One notable feature of this helmet is the Z LED light installed at its back. This light makes you visible if you’re riding your bike at night and is also rechargeable.

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XINERTER Bike Helmet

 Xinerter is a cool-looking helmet with a glossy finish and an angular curve. It provides the perfect blend of white and black, and the minimalistic branding stands out, too. If you want, you can get this helmet in white, too.

When you talk about safety, you get top-of-the-line imported foam and a durable shell that improves impact resistance and makes the helmet comfortable.

It also has magnetic goggles that you can snap onto your face to protect yourself from the sun. It’s a brilliant addition that is useful.

Additionally, the helmet can also be washed and soft, meaning you can clean it whenever you want. The fit is a certain advantage; however, the most surprising factor is offering a money-back guarantee.

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Cannondale CAAD MIPS Helmet

For those who love riding their bike casually on an evening or the weekend, this budget helmet does an excellent job of protecting your head. It has a polycarbonate shell and an EPS liner, so you can be confident about its ability to absorb shock.

Cannondale CAAD MIPS Equipped Road Bicycle Helmet (Blue with White - Small/Medium)

It has 16 vents that ensure your head gets sufficient ventilation, and it is also durable and sturdy.

The color options on this helmet are limited; however, the blue color is appealing. You’ll find it in two sizes – medium and small.

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MET Rivale Road Helmet

MET Rivale is renowned for producing beautiful helmets. This helmet has a gorgeous red and black tone that blends to create a classy and premium feel. One glance can easily tell you that the manufacturers took their time designing this one.

However, if you don’t like the color, you can also choose from other available options.

The build quality is top-notch since the helmet’s shell fuses flawlessly into the expanded polystyrene to give the helmet ample durability and toughness.

You’re also going to find a CoolMax heating pad inside that ensures the helmet stays comfortable. The reflective stickers at the back can save your life in the dark, and you’ll also forget that you’re wearing a helmet since it’s so light.

Giro Fixture – MIPS

Giro Fixture MIPS Bike Helmet - Matte Black,One Size

The Giro fixture MIPS helmet uses cone head technology, which means the back of your head will be more protected than other parts of your head.

However, you can also get added protection MIPS, an EPS Liner, and in-mold polycarbonate. Its price may paint a bleak picture but don’t fall for that trap.

It has 18 vents and several cool-looking color options that you can choose from. Moreover, it also has the popular Roc Loc Sport Fit System, which gives it universal sizing.

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Kask Mojito X Road Helmet

This helmet is a great budget option, but it can be a bit pricey. However, the price will justify itself easily since it has one of the most impressive design languages.

The colorway, along with the angular design, is simply stunning. You’ll also get to pick from colors like white, purple, all-black, and grey.

This helmet is also CE certified, meaning it has great build quality and has also been tested. Since the shell is sturdy, your head will always stay secure, and the foam on the inside of the helmet can also make the helmet highly comfortable.

The ventilation is also brilliant since there will be minimal sweat build-up during those challenging riding sessions.

The fitting system will also make it easy for you to find the perfect fit, and the aerodynamics will allow maximum velocity and airflow during your fast rides.

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Livall BH60 Helmet

Easily one of the best road bike helmets under $100.

Unlike the helmets you’ll find on this list, this helmet is smart. Meaning it has a speaker and Bluetooth, and you can take calls while you’re on the move.

LIVALL BH60SE Adult Smart Bike Helmet with Turn Signal Light and 14 tail lights, Built-in Speaker and Microphone, Bluetooth Connection to Phone, Ultra-light and Ventilated Man and Woman Cycling Helmet

Moreover, it also has LED turning signals that you can control from a remote you clip on to your bike’s handlebar and an SOS alert.

If you ever fall, the SOS feature will message your emergency contact of the occurrence. You can also take photos and collect information from your long bicycle rides if that isn’t enough!

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Lazer Road Helmet

The Lazer Road helmet has an excellent ventilation system, a modern cradle system, great looks, and a sturdy build that ensures you’re always protected. At the top, you’re going to find the Advanced Rollsys System (even though it’s usually at the back).

This system can be operated with a single finger, and it loosens or tightens up the helmet by moving sideways on a thread plastic.

From the design, it doesn’t look like the helmet was built for women. But by placing the retention system at the top of the helmet, the back is clear, meaning it is perfect for a rider with a ponytail.

Bell Formula MIPS

This is one of the sturdiest helmets we could find, and, surprisingly, it costs less than $100. But what makes this helmet truly valuable are the LED lights at the back. There’s also a rubber-coated dial that can be rotated to make precise adjustments while you’re on the go.

BELL Formula MIPS Adult Road Bike Helmet - Matte/Gloss Hi-Viz/Black (2021), Large (58-62 cm)

Moreover, it also has detailed styling, which ensures you always stand out on the harsh tracks.

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Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

Schwinn is a renowned company in the cycling industry, so it’s no surprise that they’ve created one of the best road bike helmets under $100.

They are famous for always delivering on quality, because of which people around the world have started trusting them for all bike-related purchases. Their thrasher helmet is a carefully crafted piece of protective gear that is all black and has an angular design.

Its sturdy dynamics enable it to withstand shock and impact easily, and because of this, it can withstand harsh conditions easily. The inner padding of the helmet is also plush and soft, which allows you to focus on the track when you need to.

Its lightweight is also a bonus as you’ll easily get used to its weight with time. The ventilation is amazing, and there are several color options that you can choose from. Overall, the thrasher is a great helmet, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy biking with it.

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Wrapping Up

Even though it’s easy to get a road bike helmet for under $100, you must remember these helmets aren’t substitutes for careful cycling while you’re on the road. They are an effort to keep you safe.

You must always remember that a helmet’s style must not trump its build quality. No matter how fancy a helmet may look, if it doesn’t do a good job of protecting your head, getting it is a risk.

The ability to absorb shock is paramount, so never compromise on getting the absolute best. The recommendations we’ve listed are all incredibly versatile. The build quality on all of these helmets is great, and so is the ventilation.

For internal comfort, the padding plays a key role. Most helmet manufacturers keep these characteristics in mind while building a helmet for you. 

Irrespective of your riding style, color preference, design preference, or taste in technology, you should be able to find one that satisfies all your needs.

So why wait? Grab one today and start riding!