How to Choose an Electric Mountain Bike? Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose an Electric Mountain Bike

When it comes to transportation, electric vehicles are taking over slowly but surely. From EVs to electric bikes, many options are available for a more environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly commute. One off-shoot from the same tree is electric mountain bikes or eMTBs. The basic difference between an electric and regular bike is that of a …

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Electric Folding Bike Pros And Cons – Complete Guide

Electric Folding Bike

Nowadays, electric folding bikes are becoming widespread and are considered an increasingly trendy mode of conveyance around towns. These electric bikes are superfast, useful, global friendly, and extremely enjoyable to ride. Along with these benefits, there are a few downsides to take into consideration as well. Cyclists – especially those who commute from one place …

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Wave Electric Bikes – Detail Review

Wave 2.0 Electric Bike

People are constantly looking for the next-best alternative for their commute. People need to move from one place to the other for everything they do, be it work or play. Bikes have been around for a very long time. They look vastly different now than they did a hundred years ago. Like many other products, …

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Stromer Electric Bikes – All you need to know

Stromer Electric Bikes review

Electric bikes have been around for a relatively long time now. They were first patented towards the end of the 19th century by Hosea W. Libbey.  However, models with torque sensors and power controls only came to be a hundred years later in the 1990s. The electric bikes that we see nowadays are light years …

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Stealth Electric Bike – Why you should buy one

Stealth Electric Bike

Bicycles have been around for a long time, and like many things, they have evolved with time. A result of these evolutions is the electric bike. Electric bikes are similar to normal bikes but they also have electric components that help the rider in their journey with their bikes. Bikes have special components like motors …

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Solar Charger for Electric Bike – All you need to know

Solar Charger for Electric Bike

Solar Energy has been around ever since the sun came into existence. However, humans have discovered the technology to convert solar energy to electrical energy in the last 300 years. However, the use of solar energy as a primary energy source is fairly recent. With the many conversations, around sustainability and renewability that we’re now …

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Fastest Electric Bike in the World

Fastest Electric Bike in the World

Bicycles have been around for the longest time. They’re a great way for people to get around and navigate their way around the city they live in. They’re not the most efficient method of transport, and they require a fair amount of effort. On the flip side, they are environmentally friendly and a fitting option …

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2-Seater Electric Bikes – Everything you need to know

2-seater electric bikes

Electric bikes are quickly replacing regular bikes in people’s homes. People are now opting for electric bikes as they feel comfortable in them, and they want to reduce their carbon footprint significantly. Biking is an individual sport. People do bike in groups; however, for the most part, there’s nothing in a bike’s design that suggests …

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Self Charging Electric Bikes – Everything You Need to Know

Is there an electric bike that charging as you pedal

In today’s world, climate change has become a grave reality we cannot escape. Although there are many factors that account for it, one of the reasons these problems are exacerbated is pollution from vehicles and industrial sources. Against such a background, it is imperative alternative solutions are considered and implemented. Therefore, cycling or biking has …

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How to Clean an Electric Bike – An Ultimate Guide

cleaning an electric bike

‘Electric bikes are the new secret to having fun, staying fit, and commuting to work or college. They are relatively budget-friendly, come in several designs, colors, and particularly require low maintenance.’ We are sure you must have read and heard these few things about electric bikes everywhere before you went out to purchase yours. And …

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