2-Seater Electric Bikes – Everything you need to know

Electric bikes are quickly replacing regular bikes in people’s homes. People are now opting for electric bikes as they feel comfortable in them, and they want to reduce their carbon footprint significantly.

Biking is an individual sport. People do bike in groups; however, for the most part, there’s nothing in a bike’s design that suggests that it’s an activity you can engage in with a partner.

However, tandem bikes and 2-seater bikes have existed since bikes came to be. Thus, manufacturers have also chosen to introduce this design to electric bikes. Electric bikes are similar to bikes, except they have electrical components that enable the rider to have a degree of ease with the use of said components.

All components in an electrical bike aid biking in different ways, and this remains true for a 2-seater electric bike.

People prefer electric bikes nowadays because they let the rider travel for longer distances in a shorter period. In this article, we will list all the aspects of a 2-seater electric bike that you may want to consider before buying one.

What Is a 2-Seater Electric bike?

A 2-seater electric bike could essentially be any electric bike that has seating for two people. Manufacturers could achieve this seating in many ways.

Firstly, the manufacturer may take some inspiration from motorcycles and elongate the seat so it can house two people. This system is quite prevalent, and you can see several people do it.

Another way of providing a two-seater or a two-passenger experience is by adding electric components to a normal tandem bike. A tandem bike is one in which both people can pedal, and only one person can steer.

However, the power to propel the bike forward comes from both people; this would mean that each portion of the bike has electric components to move the bike forward collectively.

Each option comes with its benefits and drawbacks; however, the choice you make depends on how you wish to use these bikes.

2-seater Electric Bike
Electric Bike

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What Can You Expect From a 2-Seater Electric Bike?


You may think that since 2-Seater electric bikes are heavier, they will likely slow you down. That argument makes sense as the weight on the vehicle has much to do with how quickly it can accelerate and maintain speed. However, there are many other factors you need to factor into when trying to get an idea of the speed.

The two models may have different responses to the extra weight because of their design.  One model is more vertical and linear than the other one, which is a more horizontal design. This distinction vastly changes the 2-seater electric bike’s aerodynamics.

Additionally, compared to normal tandem bikes or regular 2-seater bikes, an electric 2-seater bike can harness greater power due to its electrical components. Hence, you can drive at higher speeds using 2-seater electric bikes.

You’re likely to get to places more quickly. If you’re traveling on flatter terrain, you will likely get to places even faster.  Manufacturers also make these bikes sturdier for rougher terrain if the need arises.


The distance you can travel on a 2-seater electric bike is likely to be greater than what you can cover with a regular 2-seater bike. There may be some difference in the distance you can travel in a 2-seater electric bike and an electric tandem bike.

In a tandem bike, two people power the ride as opposed to one driver in a 2-seater electric bike. However, you should note that these bikes that carry more people can have a greater wattage in motors by law. So, that has much to do with the distance these bikes can travel.

Furthermore, these 2-seater electric bikes also come in several modes. Depending on which mode is available to you and which modes you apply, two people can ride upwards of 50 miles in a day easily.

You would also need to charge these bikes; so, battery time also affects how far you can drive. Such bikes also provide the option of letting one person drive, while the other rests. From a strictly logistical perspective, the distance you can travel on these bikes will likely be greater.


When electric bikes have two seats, it’s easy to mix them up with cargo e-bikes. The linear 2-seater electric bikes can carry the weight of two people along with some cargo.

Most linear 2-seater bikes can either carry two people or one person and some cargo. This design is very reminiscent of bicycles in the early 2000s.

However, in electric bikes, you can carry a significant amount of weight on your bike. Since these bikes already have a motor with greater wattage, this bike’s increased weight is countered by the motor’s wattage.

The motor wattage is generally 1000w, which is a high wattage to have in an electric bike. Any lower than this, and your 2-seater electric bike may not perform as well.

Additionally, for people who find riding a 2-seater electric bike dangerous, some of the motor’s power can help distribute the weight easily. The problem of weight distribution is common in 2-seater electric bikes.

However, this problem is reduced significantly in a tandem electric bike, which can also carry two people quite easily.

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How Much Power Is Necessary for a 2-Seater Electric Bike?

The speed limit for a regular electric bike on the road is 20 mph. In terms of two-seater electric bikes, it’s safe to say that you would have to maintain something of this sort. Understanding how to maintain such speed can be difficult.

However, the answer lies within the bike’s motor. Most 2-seater electric bikes carry a 1000-watts motor. If you install anything lower than 1000w, and you may feel a significant lag when traveling on the bike.

You should also carefully consider the weight you intend to put on the bike. For example, if you and your partner are more built sturdily, the motor should be of greater power.

You should also take into account the two-seater electric bike’s purpose. If you’re using it to get around instead of your car, you may need something that gives you greater speeds. For this, you’d need a motor with greater wattage.

Additionally, if your travel involves rougher terrain, you would also need a greater power to push through. However, if you’re only using your bike for flatter terrain and to enjoy the sceneries on flat ground, you’ll also be okay with a 750-watt motor.

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Linear 2-Seater Electric Bike vs. 2-Seater Tandem Electric Bike

Looking at the two major options when it comes to electric bikes, we can understand that the two different bikes may appeal to different demographics of people.

Relationship Status

 If you’re single, the idea of a tandem electric bike just doesn’t make sense like your only option for biking. Tandem Electric bikes can work with only one person driving but the entire dilemma would be such an ordeal to undertake.

Additionally, even if you have a partner, keeping a tandem bike is still a commitment that two people need to make. It’s like getting an animal with someone you love. If you split up, every time you look at the object, you will be reminded of them. 

For single people or people who simply like to bike alone, but still want to have the option of another seat, the 2-seater electric bike works wonders.


The 2-seater bikes mostly occur in longtail versions, which means the seat will be long enough for you to accommodate two people. This bike’s design allows you to ride with another person, ensuring you’re still controlling the bike.

This design is similar to that of a motorbike. However, a 2-seater bike doesn’t come with the power of a fuel-powered vehicle. It is a great alternative for smaller distances.

Tandem electric bikes can occur in two major shapes. The seats can be right behind the other or right beside each other. In any case, the majority of control in the steering is only with one rider.

However, in terms of pedaling, both are equally responsible so the control is distributed equally. You can’t pedal at a higher speed with your partner at a lower speed. Both of you have to keep up with each other. This sharing of control may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


You have to note that with such bikes, the person who’s pedaling or driving has to take on the weight to propel two people forward and this may reduce the average speed of your journey. There are logistical ways around this problem and most people tend to switch positions often.

For a tandem electrical bike, things are a little different. Many people argue that tandem bikes have greater speed in general. This claim is backed up by science in the sense that a tandem bike allows for the pedaling power of two people at less weight and equal air resistance.

Additionally, most tandem bikes have two sets of pedals, and they have several options for pedal assist and motor only. It comes with a greater motor to counter the second passenger’s weight, allowing you to reach a higher speed with your tandem bike.

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2-seater electric bikes
Electric bike

Benefits of 2-Seater Electric Bikes

There are many reasons that you should buy a 2-seater electric bike instead of other options. There are aspects that you should look into when you’re buying a 2-seater electric bike. However, the most important aspect is the purpose you wish to derive from your purchase.

If you want to buy a two-seater bike to spend more time with your partner, your choice may differ from someone who wants to buy the two-seater bike for convenience and travel.

Regardless of the purpose, we’ve listed some of the advantages of 2-seater electric bikes below:

1) More road space

Most people don’t allow a lot of space for cyclists to move on roads. With the likes of a 2-seater bike, you’re likely to take up more space on the road, which means people will be forced to give you’re your space. You no longer have to travel through back alleys and passageways; instead, you can travel on the road very easily.

Additionally, if anything does go wrong with your electric bike while you’re traveling on the road, more people will try to help you get off the road.

2) It’s a great bonding experience

If you’re driving a 2-seater bike or a 2-seater tandem electric bike, you will likely create a great amount of compatibility with the other person. If you’re both a couple, an activity of this sort can help with your communication as that’s an important aspect of moving forward in an electric tandem bike. 

However, even with a 2-seater electric bike, it’s likely that you will have to switch places with your partner, and the shared experience will bring you closer.

3) It is less stressful than riding a normal bike

With 2-seater electric bikes, you always have someone on your back that’s supporting you for the ride. If you’re riding a tandem electric bike, the combined peddling means you and your partner can get through greater distances with relative ease.

You can do this because there’s a greater degree of pedaling power that two people can employ, making the journey easier for both parties.

4) It saves both riders’ energies

In a 2-seater electric bike, you can shift positions so one person can be pedaling while the other rest and so on throughout the journey. This way, both riders can enjoy the journey without getting too exhausted.

However, with electric tandem bikes, one person is the stroker while the other person is the steerer. So, both conserve energy by pedaling at the same time. They can also both communicate and set a leisurely pace, which means they can ride gently without the fatigue setting in.

5) It divides all the effort

2-seater bikes involve two people on the same journey; hence, everything is 50/50. Whether that involves peddling or changing a flat tire, all of your efforts are divided into two. You can make journeys fun by delegating tasks for each person to do throughout the journey.

6) It is environmentally friendly

Buying a two-seater electric bike means you can replace it with your car for most journeys. Doing this means you’re cutting down on the expulsion of greenhouse gases and making an environmentally conscious decision to reduce your carbon footprint. You can make long journeys without carrying the guilt of polluting the environment.

7) You have someone to exercise with

People often use cycles to get their exercise but find it difficult to motivate themselves. Having a two-seater electric bike means you have someone to hang around with, as your work towards being healthier. They will motivate you and keep you motivated to do better.

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Disadvantages of 2-Seater Bikes

1) They can be big and chunky

A 2-seater electric bike comes with a heavy-set battery and motor that most normal electric bikes do not have. This extra weight makes these bikes more difficult to carry around or especially walk up a hill.

It’s also very difficult for people to maintain their balance and ride at their preferred speed with all the extra weight from, both the bike and the person in the passenger seat.

2) It can lead to arguments

Having to depend on another person to work as efficiently as you, can be a very difficult matter. Most people are just no in sync with you. Even if they are in sync with you most times, they can’t be in sync with you all the time. This lack of synchronicity may exacerbate situations and lead to fights.

3) They can be more expensive

Sometimes, 2-seater electric bikes and the extra components they come with can be more expensive than two regular electric bikes. Additionally, if you buy an electric tandem bike, it will be so much more expensive for a bike that you can only ride with someone else.

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Final Thoughts

A 2-seater electric bike can be a great way to spend some more time with your significant other or even just other people. It’s also convenient if you’re shifting to an electric bike from a car. It enables people to be more environmentally conscious and makes bike rides easier. However, they’re drawbacks to these 2-seater electric bikes because they may restrict your independence and lower your speed down from a regular electric bike.